NBA Finals: Thoughts on game 5

Posted: June 22, 2008 in NBA, Sports
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Kobe led the way for L.A.

I’m a die hard Lakers fan, and you can easily imagine how thrilled I was that night! To tell you the truth, I’m rooting for the L.A. Lakers since I’m a teenager.
I’m talkin’ about game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the L.A. Lakers, and I can guarantee you I’ve watched this serie closely. So needless to say how relieved I was when Kobe Bryant took control of the game in the money time, and led L.A. to the victory.
A victory who let them to stay alive in this serie, and to still believe in their fate.

Before the game, Boston led the serie 3 game to 1 (I remind you that a team must win 4 games to win the championship), and they clearly wanted to close the serie and to snatch the trophy in the Staples Center.
So for the Lakers it was a do or die situation, and luckily the game was in L.A., and it proved to be a crucial factor for them.
In front of a capacity crowd of 18.000 Lakers fan, the team was boosted by his fans and started off the game with a great deal of assertiveness. They built a 19 pts lead in the game, but Boston kept pushing, and led by his franchise-player Paul Pierce, managed to tie the game at 90 with 45 seconds left.

I was spooked in front of my TV! But as I said before, Kobe took care of the ball when he had to, and his team finally won this game by 103/98.
Kobe was greatly helped by my fav’ player Lamar Odom, who tallied 20 pts, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks! Talk about a great game! Especially after his slow start in this serie. He struggled against the Celtics so far, but that night Odom was back in business!
Coming off the bench, Jordan Farmar turned out to be a critical player last night, with 11 pts.
According to the rivalry between the 2 franchises, it’d have been a cataclysm for L.A. fans if Boston won game 5 in L.A. It just couldn’t happen, not on the Lakers’ floor!
They didn’t and that’s really a huge relief for me, and for thousands of fans around the world.


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