Baron Davis to the Clippers

Posted: July 11, 2008 in NBA, Random, Sports
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That’s one of the main transfer in the NBA so far. Baron Davis has officialy signed a multiyear contract with hometown Clippers.
Davis, a nine year NBA veteran, comes back in the city where he grew up. For me that’s the only bright side for Davis. I guess playing for his hometown in front of his large family and of his childhood friends is a good source of motivation for him.
But signing with a rebuilding team like the Clippers is certainly less attractive for Davis! Actually it’s all but a good thing for him. Like every other veteran, Davis only craves for one thing: to win. And it’s obvious he won’t be able to do so with the Clippers, who are still considered by many as the worst franchise in sports history!

And to make matters worse, the Clippers just lost their top scorer Corey Maggette but also their cornerstone, namely Elton Brand.  He was their franchise player since ’01 and surprisingly decided to hit the road a few days ago. Like everybody else, I certainly didn’t see that coming!
While every folks thought Brand was bound with L.A, the undersized power forward finally changed his mind, and  decided to opt out of the final year of his contract. He’ll play ball in Philadelphia next season, and signed his contract with the 76ers last wednesday.

The thing is Baron Davis was completely unaware of Brand’s decision… and signed his contract with the Clippers thinking that he’ll team up with his buddy Elton! Well, that won’t be the case and now Davis finds himself in a very tough situation. It wasn’t meant to happen this way.
Of course, Davis doesn’t acknowledge publicly that’s he’s concerned about it. He talked at length with Brand, tried to convince him to remain with the Clippers, telling him they could create some havoc together… but Brand was adamant. Despite this waste, the two of them remain close friends, though. 

From now on, Davis tries to stay confident and to keep a low profile, and even says that he ain’t disappointed at all! To tell you the truth, I don’t believe him when he says that.
How could he possibly be content with a such waste? Basically, he’s just coerced to cope with his predicament, and that’s it. There’s no way in hell Davis can be satisfied with this awkward situation, especially after his hardships in Golden State.
With them, he was always complaining about their lack of success, was begging for the team to be refined, to no avail. Now he winds up with a rebuilding team who’s doomed to struggle for the next couple of years!

The Clippers are not excpected to sign a valuable free agent, so I hope for Davis that Chris Kaman, freshly naturalized German, will keep making some headway with his new point guard!

  1. bentlyr says:

    At least they’ve added Marcus Camby now. Kaman + Camby in the middle should mean good interior defense. If they can add a Josh Smith or some other solid forward they’d be in contention for a playoff spot for sure.

  2. Dan Marjele says:

    Yeah, and the just added Ricky Davis.

    It’s a crazy mix of guys… will be interesting to see if it comes together.

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