Vince Carter’s awesome dunk in Sydney!

Posted: July 14, 2008 in funny, NBA, Random, Sports, Video, youtube
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With the Olympics Games about to begin in Beijing, I found it relevant to show you the greatest dunk I’ve ever seen! It was in Sydney in 2000, during a game pitting the Team USA and the French National Team. Maybe you’ve already seen this, but you never get tired of it, huh?

At the time, I watched it live! I remember it vividly, I started to yell and leaped out of my chair! Even if I was naturally rooting for my country, I was amazed by this dunk.

Vince Carter just humiliated the French Center. His name is Fred Weis, and the guy is a seven footer! His exact size is 7″2. How in the world did Carter manage to jump above Weis?! His jumping skills are just mind-blowing.

As for the French center, rumor has it that after this humiliation he never really get over it. He became mentally weak, and lost confidence in his game. He was drafted by the NY Knicks a year before, but never made it to the NBA. Was he afraid to run into Vince Carter one more time?


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