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Posted: July 17, 2008 in life, NBA, Random, Sports
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I just wanna pay tribute to my favorite player Lamar Odom, and say how fed up I am of all those trade rumors involving Odom. If I still love the game, it’s mainly because of him and his unselfish game. Nowadays, the NBA is overloaded by players who are physicaly gifted but who don’t have enough brain on the court. The worst part of it being those guys are used to sulk as soon as their playing time is too low, or when they don’t get enough shots. Not a good thing for team chemistry!

Well, Lamar Odom is just the opposite. Basically, this guy can do a little bit of everything on the court: he can score, pass, rebound, block some shots, defend… a complete game. Besides, Lamar can play four positions on the court: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, and power forward! That’s why I’m so impressed by his game. Plus, this type of versatile player tends to disappear nowadays. A player who can play four positions is priceless. If anything, he embodies the type of players every wise coach craves to have in his own team.

However I think Lamar Odom, who went through a lot during his childhood, doesn’t get the respect he deserves. That’s the kind of thing that annoys me. For instance, Odom is deemed by many as the scapegoat of the Lakers failure in the Finals. He got lambasted by L.A. fans after this setback. Okay, Odom struggled in the Finals, he even looked downhearted at some point. Actually, he started to struggle after Game 2, and was quite useless for the Lakers during game 3 and 4. During those games, that was Odom’s ghost on the floor, but luckily he bounced back in Game 5, and was even critical that night, leading L.A to the victory, and letting his team to keep breathing.
Anyway L.A. lacked toughness and experience to threaten Boston until the end. L.A. fans just can’t blame a single player for a failure. Plus with Bynum presence, who had a breakout season this year, I’m fairly certain Celtics’ defense would have been less tightened on Odom.

Folks easily forget how great Odom was throughout the playoffs, especially against the Utah Jazz. In this serie, he was a key contributor, and let L.A. reach the Finals for the very first time since 2004.
The saddest thing in this story is the Lakers seem to be totally unaware they have a gold nugget with Odom.

Besides, since he joinded them in ’04, they tried to trade him almost every summer! Not officially of course, but he was always rumored to be shipped away elsewhere. This summer, maybe more than ever, it’s basically the same thing… And honestly, L.A. would be hard pressed to find a player as skilled and versatile as Odom.

The Lakers would make a big mistake by trading him, mark my words!

  1. timmoore2 says:

    Backed 100%. I love LO. I don’t even want to think about Artest ruining the Lakers. Lamar is one of the most dynamic dudes in the league. We finally got a glimpse of his potential last season, and there’s got to be more to come. I mean, the guy is the #23 ranked player in the league according to

  2. Ethan Edwards says:

    I like Lamar Odom too. But I think he’s a better fit in Miami with Wade again. Odom had his best season with the Heat and I think he should return. He can dominate the east because its weaker and be an all-star. He’ll never be an all-star staying with the Lakers with Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum. I never saw Lamar in his clipper days did he score a lot of points then? Was he always this passive? As for trading Lamar for Artest I think thats stupid. Artest is a free agent next year. And I personally wouldn’t want to see Artest as a Laker for 5 more years even if he leads LA to a championship. But if Shawn Marion was offered I would do it in a second.

  3. Anton Trees says:

    He’s my favourite player as well.

    A great, great baller.

  4. Eric Engberg says:

    The thing with Odom is that he has never come even remotely close to living up to all of the hype that was heaped on him when he came into the league. He was supposed to be a more athletic version of what Magic would have been with a jumper coming out of college. He was going to be the next great superstar when he was drafted and it just never happened for him.

    Secondly, his failing two drug tests within 8 months of each other a few years back has not helped his image a lot either.

    Odom is an amazing talent I am just not sure he has what it takes mentally to be a truly great player.

    I would say Pau Gasol deserves his share of the criticism for what happened in the Finals as well.

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