Josh Childress signs in Greece!

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Miscellaneous, NBA, News, Random, Sports
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Former Hawks swingman Josh Childress has officially signed a 3 year contract with the Greek team Olympiakos, for more than $20 million!

Everybody knew that Childress was in contact with Olympiakos since several days, but to be honest, I could never have imagined that an NBA player still in his prime would leave the NBA to play ball in Europe. Why? Well ’cause it never happened in the past. By doin’ so Childress is kind of a pionner!

We were used to see NBA veterans finishing their careers overseas: guys like Rolando Blackman, Do Wilkins, Byron Scott, Eddie Johnson and many others played ball in Europe at the end of their career before throwing in the towel. But a player still in his prime like Childress, nah it never occured before. Maybe Childress’ signature is gonna launch a new trend?

Childress, who turned 25 last month, will have some huge responsabilities next season! He’ll be expected to be a dominant player in the tough Euroleague! Will he be able to rise up to the challenge? I think so, the guy is so talented!

  1. adeherre says:

    Don’t forget that he is going to have Ricky Davis as a teammate. The falling price of the dollar combined with the rising Euro and the fact that clubs are willing to pay the player’s taxes is going to have huge implications. For sponsorship reasons it might be awhile before we see a superstar player cross the ocean to play but the gap between NBA talent and the rest of the world is soon going to be narrow.

  2. Eric Engberg says:

    As I said in my recent blog entry on this subject I am not sure we will see the megastars going overseas simply because I am not sure the Euro teams have the cash to compete with the kind of guaranteed money the NBA can afford to hand out. Not to mention the endorsement opportunities are much better here in the states than in Europe.

    As for Childress I think he will do just fine playing in Europe next year. The Euro game is more suited to players of Childress’ skillset and build. You don’t need to be as strong and physical to compete in Europe and they also play about half as many games as the NBA does.

  3. pacer521 says:

    While that is true, eric, many players choose to go overseas for other things like playing time, and also its something like a minor league for baseball, the nba can check up on him if he’s doing good (which he will) and maybe come out with a bigger paycheck.


  4. pacer521 says:

    Wait a second, sorry for commenting twice, but childress passed up on a 3 year, 35 million contract for the hawks for a 3 year, 20 million contract in Greece. It certainly wasn’t the money.


  5. Nik says:

    Childress passed on a 5 year $35mil deal, but you forget that in the US the team doesnt pay the taxes or extra expenses, in Greece Childress sees all $20mil and more from bonuses etc…

    Childress will HAVE to perform, if he doesn’t he’ll be in huge sh*t. The problem is not only the different style of game or the fact that so many people will be after him, but rather it is also the fans. He’s never played in a Euro game, and especially not in a Olympiakos v.s. Panathinaikos derby, or against other Euroleague opponents. That is a whole different world within itself.

    As for the money. The money is there boys, it’s the respect that isn’t. Remember that Euro teams don’t need to make a profit, just cover costs as best as possible. They survive from donations, earnings and side incomes. The game done changed.

  6. adeherre says:

    If that Hawks wanted to match the contract that Childress received they would have had to offer 3 years/40 million. You have to remember that the Euro is really that much stronger compared to the weak dollar.

  7. pacer521 says:

    yeah, but if I were him I would definately stay, because now the hawks, and the nba for that matter are pissed off. Just look at

  8. Skeematics says:

    thats crazy. David “the Dictator” Stern is going to be shitting in his pants if other young NBA players in their prime follow childress.

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