Lebron James and Team USA

Posted: July 28, 2008 in NBA, Random, Sports
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Last week, Lebron James guaranteed Team USA will eventually win Gold Medal in Beijing. He uttered this sentence in “Time Magazine”. Well, for some reason I don’t think it was the best thing to do…

After their failure in Indianapolis ’02, Athens ’04 and in Tokyo 2 years ago, I thought American players were now more humble. Or at least, more cunning. Well, if you listen to Lebron and pay attention to what Carmelo Anthony said (“We’d have to beat ourselves for us to lose”), I’m afraid American players mentality didn’t change…

And it’s a bad habit. In life, you gotta learn from your mistakes. Saying such bold sentences can only overmotivate your opponents! In a tough competition like the Olympics Games, you gotta keep a low profile, stay humble and give everything you have on the court. Otherwise, you just rile your opponents. Once you won the trophy, you can speak. Not before. Never…ever.

Don’t get me wrong: confidence is mandatory to win. Professional athletes needs to be confident if they wanna reach their lofty goals. You need to believe in yourself, need to know you can beat anybody on the court. If you don’t, well you’ll get crushed. Period. But if you believe strongly nobody can beat you, then please don’t act foolishly like Team USA! I mean don’t say to everyone before the competition you’ll eventually win, that any team can face you. You gotta say it in privacy, in the locker-room.

And anyway how in the world can they say a such thing? I mean I’m sure James and Anthony don’t know half of their opponents! Okay they played in Athens four years ago, but  foreign teams have evolved since then… and ultimately America was beaten down the stretch. 

Plus, Team USA never scout their adversaries. Never! Team USA don’t know who they’ll face on the court, and they think they can beat them. Kind of weird, huh?

I hope for Lebron he’ll live up to his promise… otherwise he’ll get embarrassed.

  1. I’m with you on this one. These bold proclamations don’t help with the whole “American arrogance” label that others have for us.

  2. mao says:

    While I think LeBron and Carmelo are probably right that the US will win, you’re completely right in saying that stating that ahead of time does nothing but cause problems. Either you lose and you look like an ass for guaranteeing victory, or you win, and you look like an ass for being so pompous.

  3. lebronpleasesavenewyork says:

    Don’t worry. He’ll back up his words. LeBron won’t let us down.

  4. cchen2010 says:

    I enjoyed your article a lot. I saw the video and interview of the TIME Magazine. He responded “Absolutely” after asked if they were going to win. And you’re right, teams have evolved since 04. We, and I say ‘we’ as a nation, are fairly confident that we will capture the gold, but we also do not want to guarantee that to avoid humiliation. Good article sir.

  5. pacer521 says:

    Team USA is a like a wave, its got its ups and downs…and this is totally one if its ups. They are cocky and confident, but I really can’t stress enough to use the 1992 dream team as an example. They came into every game knowing in their heart that everyone else was just playing for second place. The problem with the last 5 year’s teams were that their confidence somehow escaped their hearts and came out of their mouths. My point? Guarantees are always high stakes — lets see if they can back it up.

    pacer521 author of culture decoded

  6. You’d use the Dream Team as an example attitude-wise, right? Because I’ll have to disagree if you’re trying to make a team-based comparison or event a talent-based comparison.

    Everyone on the current team have admitted to anxiety of sorts.

    The Dream Team, in comparison, were all blood thirsty killers (with the exception of Laettner). They were the best and they knew it.

    Because with the exception of a few European players (Sabonis, etc.), they fielded the best 12 in the world. And that’s coming from someone that’s not at all a nationalist…

  7. pacer521 says:

    Of course I wasn’t comparing them game-wise. The dream team was the best team of 12 players I have ever seen in history of any sport. They wern’t guarenteing or telling the press anything, but before the game — the other team knew that if they got within 20 points of them they would be remember. Those 12 guys had the best raw talent almost ever with a extrodaniary high basketball IQs and above all they knew how to play together. Sorry for the confusion. What country are you from?


  8. viktorb says:

    i believe this is one of the best Olympic Basketball team for the US in awhile. I believe that this team will compete for a medal. There is a lot of competition out there for basketball.
    Biggest draw back for the the US, their egos. The US needs to understand that this competition relies heavily on the three pointer. Second after the pool competion and when we are in the playoff format, it’s one game and you’re out with the exception of the semifinal game. A team can lose the semifianl game and still compete for bronze.
    Outside of the US, the top tems are Lithuania, Spain, and Argentina.

    My bold prediction for gold is still Lithuania.

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