Ron Artest signs with Houston

Posted: July 30, 2008 in NBA, News, Random, Sports
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The Houston Rockets reached an agreement with the Sacremento Kings, sending Ron Artest to the Houston Rockets in exhange of a first round pick in ’09, rookie Donte Green and veteran Bobby Jackson. Several teams, including the L.A. Lakers, were in the mix to land Artest, but it seems L.A. wasn’t ready to drop Lamar Odom. That’s finally the Rockets who get this awesome player.

Well, that’s what you might call a blockbuster trade! Not for the Kings who drop an All-Star caliber player, but Houston certainly did a hell of move by landing Artest. It looks like Rick Adelman’s presence in Houston was critical to get Artest. Actually, Artest kind of worships Adelman as a coach ever since the two of them worked together in Sacto. I guess Adelman must be the only coach able to handle a troubled guy like Ron…

I’m not a fan at all of Artest, who’s mostly portayed as an uncoachable guy. Somehow, I’ve been pigeonholing him as a hoodlum since the famous brawl in Detroit in ’04. But I have to admit he’s a hell of a player. Besides, his stats proves how much he’s skilled : he averaged 20.5 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 57 games with the Kings last season. Plus, he can play some tough D. The whole package.

Can you imagine what a threesome like McGrady-Yao Ming-Artest could create on the court? Obviously, they’re gonna create a lot of havoc in the Western conference, so much so every top teams should be wary of the new Houston Rockets. It’s gonna rock in H-Town next season, you can take it for granted!

  1. pacer521 says:

    Yeah, your right the rockets are going to be good…but also keep in mind that last year with yao injured, TMac went nuts and averaged 42 points and got deep into the playoffs. Thank god we (Lakers) didn’t pick up Artest, we don’t need any more dirty fighting rappers on our team and with the team we already have — a championship is in sight, and i think Mitch Kupchac doesn’t want to disturb the harmony. But I can tell you who we need for our team that wouldn’t hurt. Someone like Dennis Rodman. Who? The Lakers could use a Rasheed Walace to get fired up on some T’s — lock down on D, and most importantly — be the tall outside shooter of Scotty Pippen we never had. Sorry dude, but LO should stick to penetrating. But let me make one thing straight — we can’t sell anyone of our starting line-up for ANYONE unless we want to lose a chanpionship.

  2. Julien says:

    Yep, I would have been annoyed to see Artest with L.A. He’s a looby and you never know what to expect from a guy like him. Adelman can handle him, not Phil Jackson.
    Artest in L.A. it meant to trade Odom, and I was against it. I wanna see the Lakers with KB, LO, Gasol and a healthy Bynum on the court. Just give them a chance to show what they can do together on the court, I think they can click.
    As for the Rockets, it’s obvious they are title contenders now.

  3. experienceaurie says:

    Houston already plays tough defense. I think that this can give them a solid chance to get out of the 1st round of the West for sure because of the added defensive dimension that they now have with Artest. They didn’t have to compromise with what they gave up in terms of defense at all. The loss of the 1st round pick, donte green, & bobby jackson won’t be as difficult to overcome as one might think. They can easily be a top 5 team in the entire NBA and Top 4 or 3 in the West. (Let’s just see with the injuries though)

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