Shawn Kemp in Italy?

Posted: July 31, 2008 in NBA, News, Random, Sports
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Astonishing rumor. According to an official Italian Basketball site, Shawn Kemp is rumored to play in Italy next season. My Italian sucks, but basically it says that “The Reignman” is in touch with a first division Italian team. Kemp is said to serioulsy consider the offer. 

If Kemp turns down the offer, Vin Baker or Christian Laettner  would be an alternative. Looks like this team is fond of former NBA players… especially when they’re done!

Anyway, Kemp playing overseas would be surprising, ’cause he threw in the towel in ’03, after a stint with the Orlando Magic. It’s obvious he’s outta shape, and the guy is known to have several issues off the court (mainly bad stuff like drugs…). And last time I saw him, he was overweight! Over the years, maybe his life took a turn for the better but I highly doubt it.

Well, this Italian team should call up Gary Payton as well… I’m sure they would be sold out before the season kicks off!

  1. pacer521 says:

    yeah thats really messed up dude, Shawn Kemp was great, those alley-oops were amazing with the GP the glove, but there’s no way he can even score. He’s probably like a fat blob now.


  2. Alexander Vitlin says:

    No way: he dropped 32 and 15 about a month ago in an All-Star classic, and is apparently back to 255lbs – playing weight:

  3. Alexander Vitlin says:

    Excuse the blatant LD, webmaster…

  4. James Wright says:

    yeah, hoops hype dogged it by finding on our site and then pretending they found it themselves.

    I hate hoops hype.

  5. fattydakid says:

    Hey man im loving your page. Keep up the good work and thanks for commenting on mine =)

  6. James Wright says:

    also you’re on the landing page so atleast link our page and not hoops hype

    hate hoops hype they stole our steez

  7. Tim Weaver says:

    Shawn Kemp in Italian= Largissimo

  8. Matt says:

    He’s still alive? Wow.
    Cool blog, man. I just found it.

  9. ahmad rashad says:

    sk40 is down about 230lbs and clean(no drugs). still dunking too i hear,

  10. ICEPOWER says:

    Hi JUJU, Well, i’m frightened to read such a terrible news…. are you sure. I think it’s a joke but everibody know the price of a coke line…and mybe Shwn was straight up…

  11. Julien says:

    Hey Icepower, I think I know you 😉
    Anyway thanks for coming here, I appreciate it. Yeah, apparently Kemp playing in Italy is a strong possibility.

  12. Fredd says:

    I ‘m really happy for Kemp if it is real, .. cos’ it shows his love for the game … and a player who loves the game, is “all” I ask in basketball.

  13. His kid’s a raw but somewhat touted high school recruit. Supposedly, Shawn Kemp is on the up and up. I wouldn’t be surprised if a team wanted to see how much Rain Man he had left…

  14. Mike says:

    That’s a possibility, he’s still playing basketball in the back yard. And for that who said he’s out of shape, that’s not true. He’s been working out, and he is in better shape that you can imagine. At 38, he’s still able to dunk on somebody. I wish she plays in Italy, and then makes a comeback to the NBA. He deserves to play another season in the NBA at least. And his fans deserve it too. They deserve to see him playing a final season and retire with honor. The best for Shawn!

  15. Mike says:

    I meant to say HE plays in Italy, not SHE. Sorry.

  16. jellon says:

    you should be researching first before posting your comments. Reignman is already in good shape and morale nowadays. that italian team would not waste their money for someone not worthy of playing basketball anymore.

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