Lakers sign Sun Yue

Posted: August 9, 2008 in NBA, Random, Sports, Video, youtube
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The Los Angeles Lakers (my favorite team!) have reached an agreement with Chinese Point Guard Sun Yue (6’9, 205 lb), who’s currently attending the Beijing Olympics Games with his national team, playing USA this sunday. The left handed point guard is expected to sign his first NBA contract in the upcoming days.

Sun, 22, got drafted last year by L.A. in the second round (40th pick), but didn’t join the Lakers on the spot. He remained in China last season, playing ball with his team Beijing Aoshen.

Over there, he’s portrayed like a shoot-first, pass-second type of point guard, with a great ability to find his open teammates, though. He’s a dead-eye 3 point shooter, and from what I’ve seen on this video he can easily dunk.

His skinny frame could be an issue in the tough NBA, but I think his quickness and his great court vision should help him to make it in the L.

To my knowledge, Sun Yue is the very first Chinese player to wear the gold and purple jersey!

  1. pacer521 says:

    Great — I was disapointed we didn’t sign him last year


  2. Fredd says:

    So, Sun was not bad vs the USA… although he and the china team took too many 3pt … I hope he ‘ll fit in the league with his game … but he’s good and young and a tall point guard in L.A is a great souvenir.

  3. Travis Outlaw says:

    Sun Yue looks pretty weak looking. Too skinny. I think he might make the team but I don’t see him ever contributing much to the Lakers. Does every tall point guard have to be the next MAGIC JOHNSON. Look at what happened to Shaun Livingston and Cedric Bozeman. I think the comparison hurts Sun more than help him.

  4. pacer521 says:

    nice points Travis Outlaw. Seems like YOU didn’t to good in the NBA either…hehehe

    No one is comparing him to MJ #2… as a die hard lakers fan in LA, i don’t expect anyone to be as good as D-Fish at the point. Then Sasha, THEN Sun. Hes never going to start, lets face it, no rookies do with Phil. And especially because we’re chasing a ring this year. This will also give Sun great play-off experience. I actually wrote a post about there us china game here


  5. Skinny won’t matter if he can ball…

  6. Fredd says:


    … just read ” it is a great Souvenir ” … it is not like they tried to make of Penny Hardaway the next Magic …

  7. pacer521 says:

    yeah but penny was a darn good pg. My pick for backup in his prime over anyone else. Magic still comes first but in his prime, penny could sucessfully back up magic.


  8. mystictongue3 says:

    Sun Yue better have heart. Not sure if laker brass has the patience for him to develop. They’re in a win NOW mode. Still, its an excellent upgrade for the Lakers. Especially, if he can defend. Fischer is a backup, and I’m not sure Farmar is the answer in the long term… Sun Yue might be the future, just how far is the BIG question. I like his upside!!

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