Kemp confirms comeback rumors

Posted: August 16, 2008 in life, NBA, News, Random, Sports, Video
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Like I said in a previous post 2 weeks ago, Shawn Kemp is seriously contemplating a return on the court in Italy. It was all but a joke, besides Kemp himself confirmed it to Slam.

Here’s a video of “The Reignman” talkin’ about all those rumors surrounding his future, but also about all the other issues that have been disturbing his life so far.

Kemp, whose head is now totally shaved, looks reliable, and well… not stoned for once! (Just kiddin’ Shawn!)

  1. icepower says:

    Hi Ju, KEMP is an “has been person”, but what about another BUZZ, talking about MARBURY at Milan…

  2. pacer521 says:

    wow. That’s really all I can say. He really needs to lay back on the basketball — how old is this dude? Well anyways, I’ll try to follow him in…Italy…jeez that was weird to say. My bet is on 10 ppg. At most


  3. Julien says:

    Yeah I’ve heard about Marbury wanting to play in Milan next year. I think he’s pretty serious when he says that, but he’ll have to make some adjustments, because it’s obvious his game doesn’t fit the way basketball is played overseas.

    And pacer Kemp turns 39 on November, I guess you could call him a papy!

  4. mystictongue3 says:

    No doubt, Kemp should live vicariously through his son.
    I hear Kemp jr. has some game to…
    On the real tho’ if he can still Ball I say go for it,
    I mean look at Favre…Age ain’t nuthin but a number

  5. Dave says:

    I hope it works out for Shawn Kemp. He played in a charity game up in Seattle a month or two ago, matched up against Spencer Hawes, and looked good. I think he’ll do well out in Italy.

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