Official : Kemp signs in Italy

Posted: August 18, 2008 in NBA, News, Random, Sports
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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been following closely Shawn Kemp’s situation. He was rumored to play ball in Italy, but most people thought it was just a hoax. Well, obviously it wasn’t because Shawn Kemp has officialy reached an agreement with the Italian team Premiata Montegranaro.

Still, it’s a little bit surprising because Kemp didn’t play any official game since ’03! But by all accounts, he’s been maintaining his physical shape, and would have lost weight.

That being said, I don’t see how he could keep up with Italian league. It plays hard over there, and I guess many of his opponents will try to dunk on his face! It’s really hard to size up what he could bring to the table for his new team. Apart from a lot of beers… Besides, his new coach basically says the same thing : “We will discover with work in the gym if he will be a key player for our team.”

Maybe they just decided to hire him in order to sell more tickets? Because if Kemp was a hell of a player back in the day, his career is behind him now.

Anyway, I’m just curious to see what Kemp will be able to do on the court… but also off the court! Everybody knows his behavior off the court throughout his NBA career left a lot to be desired…

  1. pacer521 says:

    great article and good proof. Italy is pretty fast paced, but in their dreams any team from their league could compete with the Suns or (in fact) any other NBA team. Well, that’s at least what I think — you’re the one who lives in France! As far as the off-court thing probably the dirtiest thing he could get himself into would either be some really nice Mediterrean salmon or a tango.

  2. Julien says:

    Nah, there’s no way in hell an Italian team could keep up with Phoenix or any other NBA team. The gap is way too huge, it’d just end up in a drubbing…

    By the way pacer, if you wanna display your blog adress on your pseudo ‘pacer521’ (like me with Julien) when you leave some comments, go in Users, then click on Your profile, scroll down to Website, then you copy and paste your blog’s adress and that should do the trick 😉

  3. Travis Outlaw says:

    Julien, is this the first time Shawn Kemps playing in Europe? Or has he already played for a team in Europe before. Is this the first time Shawn Kemps been playing professionally in basketball since has last game with the Orlando Magic? If so has he just been working out all this time? It seems like three years ago when he first announced his comeback. Anyways, go look to the Rainman.

  4. Travis Outlaw says:

    good luck*

  5. pacer521 says:

    thanks a bunch julien — I just did it and it should work now. Lets see if my name in this comment shows…

  6. pacer521 says:

    yes! thanks so much

  7. Julien says:

    Yep Travis, it’s the very first time Kemp is gonna play in Europe. He didn’t play organized ball since his last stint with Orlando in ’03…
    Every now and then, he plays pick up games but that’s it! I hope for him he won’t be short of breath within 5 minutes when he’ll step on the floor with his new team!

  8. Fredd says:

    It was not long …
    “The suspicions about the imminent release of Shawn Kemp were realised yesterday. Premiata Montegranaro announced the release of Shawn Kemp and the signing of Brandon Hunter. The former NBA superstar said that he feels sorry that the deal didn’t go through and Montegranaro signed Brandon Hunter to take his place. Hunter was also mentioned in greek articles to interest the team of Trikala.”

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