Tony Parker to play with France

Posted: August 21, 2008 in NBA, News, Random, Sports
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I was stunned when I heard this breaking news! Titular point guard of the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker was supposed not to play with his national team this summer. Even though the player was eager to play with France, his team and above all his coach Greg Poppovich were known to be reluctant to that idea, so much so they banned him from doing so. They were said to be adamant on it. The main raison was because their player needed some rest, after several grueling seasons.

That’s what everybody thought until last night, just before Parker unexpectedly announced he’ll eventually play with the French National team from today until the end of september. Talk about an about-face!

Given that he didn’t play since early june, the Spurs changed their mind, deeming Parker got enough rest. Plus, TP kind of coerced his team, asking them several times if he could join his National team. San Antonio finally agreed to release their player.

So far, Parker was training with Chip Engelland in L.A., and admitted that watching the Olympics on TV was a hardship he couldn’t take any more. France didn’t qualify for the Olympics last year, and now is faced with a difficult task : a qualifying tournament in September, and Parker will do his best to help his team qualify for the next European Championship which will be held in Poland next year. After missing the Olympics, France can’t miss this event, otherwise they’ll be doomed to an unknown future.

So I guess Parker felt the urge to help his team getting back in the limelight. He said : “I gotta be with my teammates right now.” Somehow, I think it’s a win-win situation for everybody. It’s an understatement to say that France is gonna need Parker’s skills to cope with the incoming tournament, and hopefully San Antonio will get a player in great shape when their training camp will kick off next fall.

  1. Fredd says:

    Weird ! I was on the TP’s website yesterday and read the last interviw ( like june,16th ) … repeating ” no no no I won’t change my mind, M.Gomez and spurs & france’s staffs know it ” …

    but I an happy with that … for France … even if I’d prefered that TP works on his shoot and take a long rest … damn … if the spurs don’t go younger and with more athleticism the next season will be too hard …

  2. Julien says:

    I don’t know why, but somehow I’ve always felt TP would eventually be part of this team.
    Anyway, it’s a great addition for the French National team!

  3. Fredd says:

    An even greater addition since Boris Diaw won’t be a part of that team.

  4. pacer521 says:

    well said, fredd. we won’t be seeing many clotheslines this summer. hehe
    good post julien, keep it up man

  5. eightycarat says:

    Tony is a solid point guard despite not having a solid jump shot. He does have a nice lil floater that helps him get by though. I hope playing with the national team will help further develop his jump shot.

  6. Fredd says:

    eightycarat-> Tony P spent the month of july working on his exterior jump shot … so, … I guess he will be better … I remember the last time he said ” I work on my shot all summer ” etc … then next year he had exploded his average of points … so I’m confident.

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