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About time! Last tuesday, Marbury and the NY Knicks finally ended their feud and reached an agreement to part ways. And yesterday, Marbury signed with Boston for the remainder of the season. Just for the record, he played his very first game last night against the Pacers and tallied 8 points in about 13 minutes.

To be honest, this situation was more and more ludicrous over the weeks. As far as I can remember, any NBA player from my lifetime have had such a hard time to put an end to his contract. Both parts were adament on their own conditions.

Amazingly, I was mulling over Marbury’s plight the other day, and in my mind it was crystal clear Marbury wouldn’t play this season. Basically because the ongoing season was nearing so I felt entitled to think it was kind of unlikely that an agreement would be reached before the ending of the season.

Well, I guess I was dead wrong on this one, but you gotta admit nobody saw it coming! 

Anyway, now you got a title contender who is hugely reinforced by a former All-Star. Okay, the guy took a leave of absence for more than a year, didn’t play a single game in this timeline, but Marbury being – supposedly – out of shape doesn’t really matter right now. Boston will need all his basketball skills next spring, you know when the playoffs will be in full swing, so it leaves plenty of time for “Starbury” to get to know his teammates and recover all his physical stengths from there.

He’ll probably be coming off the bench throughout his first games, but I’m quite certain he’ll quickly be assigned at the point-guard position in a couple of weeks. Rajon Rando will have to ward off Marbury. Bur I’m sure Rando will do his best to prevent that from happening, besides if I’m not mistaken he matched his career-high with 17 assists last night!


Cassel, Allen and Pierce are overjoyed.

Like I said before, I’m fan of the L.A. Lakers, and it was hard to see my favorite team being beaten up so badly in the 6th game.
Actually, I didn’t watch the whole game, it made me suffer, besides I left way before the end, it was such a grueling experience! So I left before the 4th quarter, it was a real hardship to see L.A. in such trouble, I just couldn’t take it any more!

In the 3rd quarter, L.A. just lost all hope, like their fans probably did.
They were way behind Boston, and playing in front of the hostile Boston Garden crowd proved to be an overwhelming task for the young Lakers. They were way too smooth to make Boston doubt.
Don’t get me wrong, the Lakers were tough minded, and really wanted to snatch this title, but I guess they lacked toughness anytime it got physical.

However, I have to admit Boston deserves his 17th title. I mean everybody agreed this team was scheduled to win this title right after Kevin Garnett was called up by Boston last summer.
At the time, the Celtics already had Paul Pierce and Ray Allen on their roster, and as a matter of fact Garnett was the final piece of the puzzle that turned out to be paramount.

I know what you’re gonna say, Garnett didn’t not play at his best throughout the Finals, but his mere presence was critical, because even if he kind of struggled with his shot, KG created some wide spaces for his buddies Allen and Pierce, who eagerly made use of all those opportunities!
Paul Pierce, the poster boy of the Boston Celtics since his rookie season, tallied some awesome stats in the Finals, especially in the 5th game when he poured 38 pts.
Even if those 38 pts were not enough to prevent the Lakers’ win, that was sort of a symbol of Pierce’s primacy during those Finals. He was voted MVP of the finals, and that was an obvious choice for me. Ray Allen did a pretty good job as well, so much so some people said he should have been designed MVP of the Finals.

Pierce, born in L.A. truly wanted to win the title in his hometown, he wanted it so bad he could taste it. But the Lakers had the moxie and the guts to prevent Boston not to do so. Considering the rivalry between those 2 storied franchises, it’d have been a big issue for L.A. fans! Even if my favorite team eventually lost, I’m overjoyed the Celtics didn’t make it on the Lakers’ floor!

As for Ray Allen, one of my favorites players, I was still impressed by the amazing quality of his shot. Even after something like 12 years in this League, Allen is still one of the best “catch and shoot” player in the NBA. You know, when a guy comes off a screen, grabs the ball, and hits right away a long range shot. Allen’s shot shot is just… well I’d say silky. Every kid should pay close attention to his shooting mechanics, it should be a pattern to any kid trying to learn how to shoot the ball.
One other upside on Allen’s game : unlike others head-case shooters, Allen rarely takes some bad shots. Most of his shots are some clean shots.

Just talking about this threesome wouldn’t be fair for the rest of the squad. Because as a matter of fact Boston won as a team.
Eddie House did exactly what he was hired for : coming off the bench, and hit some shots in a reduced playing time. It’s basically what he has been asked for throughout his career so far. By the way, I think House is underrated. House can play some defense and flat-out score. I’m sure this guy could be a starter in any team, but for some reason any coach seems prone to give him this opportunity. Go figure!

James Posey proved his skills during the Finals as well. He was even decisive during Game 2. Let me get this straight : without Posey, Boston would never have won this Game 2 in Boston.
And a win of the Lakers on the road could have changed the whole face of this serie, insomuch as after Game 2, keep in mind L.A. had 3 games at home in a row!

Now, I’d like to pay tribute to Rajon Rando. When the season was about to begin last fall, every NBA fan kept saying that Rando was the only weak point of Boston.
I did think the same way at the time. I was like : “Come on, a rookie point-guard to run this squad of all stars? You gotta be kidding me!”
It’s a well-known fact that veterans players like to be flanked on the foor by seasoned PGs, because they enjoy getting some good passes at the right time at the right spot on the court. Everybody thought Rando lacked experience, and was way too young to be respected and efficient with such choosy veterans.
Eventually, Rando turned out to be underrated, and was a very dependable point guard, able to run a team that is a championship contender! That was kind of unexpected, and like everybody else I was dead wrong at the time.

Last but not least, how could I possibly pass over Glen “Doc” Rivers? As a coach, he did a tremendous job. The team chemistry of Boston is due to his great knowledge of the game, thanks to his big experience as a player. I can also assume it wasn’t an easy task to make cohabit such big stars with super egos like KG, Allen and Pierce together. Good job, Doc!

Kobe led the way for L.A.

I’m a die hard Lakers fan, and you can easily imagine how thrilled I was that night! To tell you the truth, I’m rooting for the L.A. Lakers since I’m a teenager.
I’m talkin’ about game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the L.A. Lakers, and I can guarantee you I’ve watched this serie closely. So needless to say how relieved I was when Kobe Bryant took control of the game in the money time, and led L.A. to the victory.
A victory who let them to stay alive in this serie, and to still believe in their fate.

Before the game, Boston led the serie 3 game to 1 (I remind you that a team must win 4 games to win the championship), and they clearly wanted to close the serie and to snatch the trophy in the Staples Center.
So for the Lakers it was a do or die situation, and luckily the game was in L.A., and it proved to be a crucial factor for them.
In front of a capacity crowd of 18.000 Lakers fan, the team was boosted by his fans and started off the game with a great deal of assertiveness. They built a 19 pts lead in the game, but Boston kept pushing, and led by his franchise-player Paul Pierce, managed to tie the game at 90 with 45 seconds left.

I was spooked in front of my TV! But as I said before, Kobe took care of the ball when he had to, and his team finally won this game by 103/98.
Kobe was greatly helped by my fav’ player Lamar Odom, who tallied 20 pts, 11 rebounds, and 4 blocks! Talk about a great game! Especially after his slow start in this serie. He struggled against the Celtics so far, but that night Odom was back in business!
Coming off the bench, Jordan Farmar turned out to be a critical player last night, with 11 pts.
According to the rivalry between the 2 franchises, it’d have been a cataclysm for L.A. fans if Boston won game 5 in L.A. It just couldn’t happen, not on the Lakers’ floor!
They didn’t and that’s really a huge relief for me, and for thousands of fans around the world.