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About time! Last tuesday, Marbury and the NY Knicks finally ended their feud and reached an agreement to part ways. And yesterday, Marbury signed with Boston for the remainder of the season. Just for the record, he played his very first game last night against the Pacers and tallied 8 points in about 13 minutes.

To be honest, this situation was more and more ludicrous over the weeks. As far as I can remember, any NBA player from my lifetime have had such a hard time to put an end to his contract. Both parts were adament on their own conditions.

Amazingly, I was mulling over Marbury’s plight the other day, and in my mind it was crystal clear Marbury wouldn’t play this season. Basically because the ongoing season was nearing so I felt entitled to think it was kind of unlikely that an agreement would be reached before the ending of the season.

Well, I guess I was dead wrong on this one, but you gotta admit nobody saw it coming! 

Anyway, now you got a title contender who is hugely reinforced by a former All-Star. Okay, the guy took a leave of absence for more than a year, didn’t play a single game in this timeline, but Marbury being – supposedly – out of shape doesn’t really matter right now. Boston will need all his basketball skills next spring, you know when the playoffs will be in full swing, so it leaves plenty of time for “Starbury” to get to know his teammates and recover all his physical stengths from there.

He’ll probably be coming off the bench throughout his first games, but I’m quite certain he’ll quickly be assigned at the point-guard position in a couple of weeks. Rajon Rando will have to ward off Marbury. Bur I’m sure Rando will do his best to prevent that from happening, besides if I’m not mistaken he matched his career-high with 17 assists last night!



Okay guys the title of the topic is misleading, but I know for a fact a guy named Pat Ewing will be on the Knicks’ roster next season.

It’s obvious I’m not talkin’ about the soon-to-be Hall of Famer. Besides, he has already a gig, namely assistant-coach in Orlando. I’m talking about his son, Patrick Ewing Jr, who got drafted by Sacramento with 43rd pick last june and was subsequently traded with Ron Artest to the Houston Rockets in August.

And guess what, Ewing Jr was once again traded last friday! The guy didn’t play a single minute in NBA so far, and his rights have already been owned by 3 differents teams…

Anyway this time he winds up in New York, the very same place where his storied daddy pulled off so many feats throughout 15 of his 17 NBA seasons. 

I think it’s pretty cool for New York fans to have the opportunity to root for the son of a guy who was a key contributor for the Knicks for so many years! Old fans must be happy about it. But it could be a real letdown… there’s no way to see Ewing Jr as productive as his father used to be. His NCAA career was very inconspicuous, and at best he’ll be a role-player in the L.

Starting off his career in NY is certainly not the easiest way for Ewing Jr. I guess he’ll permanently be liken to his dad. In the long run, it could turn out to be a burden way too heavy to bear. The shadow of his father will stick around anytime he steps on the floor. I hope for him he’ll be able to handle the incoming pressure, otherwise things could get ugly down the stretch.

And I really do hope Knicks’ fans won’t expect him to be a decisive player! People need to understand he’ll never be a superstar.

What do you guys think about it? For me it’s just pathetic! I’ve never liked this player, mainly because of his me-first attitude. But what was the New York Knicks point guard thinking of when he decided to get this shabby tattoo ala Mike Tyson?! I guess Marbury definitely lost his mind!