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Hi all! It’s been a long time, huh?! I’m far from being a youtube addict, but while I was surfing aimlessly on this site yesterday I found one of the most amazing video I’ve ever seen!

Youngsters have probably never heard of Craig Hodges, a former player who made a name for himself in the early 90’s with his outstanding knack to hit 3 pts shots. And boy, saying that is what you might call an understatement!

Actually he was a run-of-the-mill kind of player but his amazing skill helped him getting a gig for 10 years in the league. He built up his whole career with this skill, which was definitely his trademark.

So far, I never had a chance to see this shooting machine but thanks to youtube the catching up is done. And I’m totally flabbergasted by what I’ve seen.

Here is the bloody amazing video of the 3 pts shootout contest of the ’91 NBA All-Star game, held in Charlotte. That day Hodges just delivered. Think about it : the guy hit 19 shots in a row, breaking the previous record, which was held by Larry Bird!

He ended up the contest with 24 pts, one point shy of the ultimate record : 25 pts established by… Hodges himself several years ago.

A little bird tells me this record ain’t ready to be broken! Current NBA players are not enough eager to work their shooting skills : they just want to work their physical condition, beef up their body and tirelessly drive to the basket. Getting more tatoos is also a very sought-after activity…

I don’t wanna sound like a geezer or something like that, but in the 80’s and 90’s hitting shots was the heart and sould of Basketball! And once and for all, that’s the way basketball must be played!


What do you guys think about it? For me it’s just pathetic! I’ve never liked this player, mainly because of his me-first attitude. But what was the New York Knicks point guard thinking of when he decided to get this shabby tattoo ala Mike Tyson?! I guess Marbury definitely lost his mind!

With the Olympics Games about to begin in Beijing, I found it relevant to show you the greatest dunk I’ve ever seen! It was in Sydney in 2000, during a game pitting the Team USA and the French National Team. Maybe you’ve already seen this, but you never get tired of it, huh?

At the time, I watched it live! I remember it vividly, I started to yell and leaped out of my chair! Even if I was naturally rooting for my country, I was amazed by this dunk.

Vince Carter just humiliated the French Center. His name is Fred Weis, and the guy is a seven footer! His exact size is 7″2. How in the world did Carter manage to jump above Weis?! His jumping skills are just mind-blowing.

As for the French center, rumor has it that after this humiliation he never really get over it. He became mentally weak, and lost confidence in his game. He was drafted by the NY Knicks a year before, but never made it to the NBA. Was he afraid to run into Vince Carter one more time?

Semi-Pro review

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The other day, I had the misfortune to watch this movie. I’m talkin’ about “Semi-Pro”, a movie starring Will Ferrell and Woodie Harrelson. What was thinking of when I picked this flick? I mean it’s just a piece of crap!

The story takes place in the 70’s, and deals with basketball. An ABA team, the Flint Tropics, learns the ABA and the NBA have come to terms to merge at the end of the season, and that only 3 teams of the ABA will be allowed to play in the NBA. Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-manager-player (!) of this organization wants his team to snatch this opportunity. But there’s a huge concern about it: his team sucks. Tropics’ players are just a bunch of looser, who aren’t skilled enough to get the upper hand. The worst part of it being they ain’t afraid to be ludicrous on the court, especially the owner!

Like I said, it’s a pretty bad movie, one that won’t be reminded for ages, to say the least. This is supposed to be a funny movie, but I guess my lack of humor prevented me from enjoying this movie!

Anyway, if you ever get a chance to see that movie, just run away!